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Jack Canon Neutrik Male

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Jack Canon Neutrik Male

NEUTRIK NC3MX 3 Pin XLR Male Connector

Precision engineered audio connectors. Their construction ensures reliable connection for both power and low level signal circuitry. Connector/Cable assembly is straightforward employing a minimal number of parts (no assembly screws used). Parts are polarised and securely fitted thereby eliminating connector noise. Finished in nickel, the cable mounting parts have a self adjusting strain relief for cable diameters between 3 and 8 mm. A latch secures mated connectors.

Jack Canon Neutrik Male :

Neutrik NC3MXX 3 Pin Male XLR Cable Connector Nickel Housing and Silver Contacts. Solder Termination

The next generation of the worldwide accepted standard of XLR cable connectors. The successor of the X series offers several new features which make it more reliable, easier to assemble and improves contact integrity as well cable strain relief. Rugged diecast shell in sleek and ergonomic design.

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