Mic Condenser Krezt K 818

Mic Condenser Krezt K 818

Krezt Professional K-818

Uni-Directional Conderser Microphone Excellent Production Of Voice And Music Professional Conderser Microphone

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Mic Condenser Krezt K 818
Perfect for sound reinforcement/recording applications, the particular Krezt K 818 shotgun microphone would work pertaining to choirs, orchestras, theatrical activities, courtrooms/conference areas, as well as inside of bass/kick drums.
Mic Condenser Krezt K 818

Mic Condenser Krezt K 818

This kind of Krezt K 818 microphone features a unidirectional pick-up design that blocks out unwelcome background noise, and also concentrates on the actual audio insight. This shotgun microphone carries a frequency replyof 50 Hz – 18 kHz, efficiently addressing a large array regarding clear frequencies.

Mic Condenser Krezt K 818

Having rugged die-cast combination homes, this Krezt K 818 microphone decreases mechanical direction regarding surface shake. Given that, the actual Krezt K 818 is streamlined, long lasting, and light-weight, it could be very easily fitted on to cameras.

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