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Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A

Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A
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Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A

Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A Precision Crefted Instrument Microphone Dynamic Supercardioid Extremely Smooth Response For Amplified And Acoustic Instruments. World-Renowned Warmth, Clarity And Sensitivity To Fine Detail.


Kelengkapan Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A :

  • 1 bh mic handheld cable
  • kabel mic
  • etc

Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A

In comparison with tastes common stage microphones, Happy Beta 58A carries a broader consistency reply, a lot more levels, as well as milder mids, along with cleaner heights which make that suitable for enlarging words of the tune, acoustic guitar and striped bass units, along with a various acoustic guitar equipment. It generates superb most current listings for snare drums along with toms at the same time. Professional artists that have started utilizing Happy Beta 58A document richer and more in depth sound compared to SM58, though very slightly lower output volume, and better control of popping noise through “P” and also “T” appears.

Mic Kabel Happy Beta 58A

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