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Mic Kabel Kenwood KW 858

KategoriMic Kabel
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Mic Kabel Kenwood KW 858 is a professional moving coil dynamic handheld microphone. It makes your voice sound great, thanks the unidirectional element. The durable zinc alloy metal construction means this mic is great for everyday use. Sounds great in the studio, karaoke or on the stage. Includes microphone cable.

Mic Kabel Kenwood KW 858

Mic Kabel Kenwood KW 858 gives you a robust sound with high gain before feedback thanks to its moving-coil dynamic element. It’s also uni-directional so your microphone only picks up sounds that are directly in front it – that way your audio is reproduced without interference from instruments or speakers on stage

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Mic Kabel Krezt MS 57 with Switch Legendary Instrument Microphone


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