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Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

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Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000 Professional Dynamic Microphone

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000 Hi-Fidelity Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphone Excellent Reproduction Of Voice And Music Professional


Kelengkapan Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000 :

  • 1 bh mic handheld cable
  • kabel mic
  • etc

The particular Kenwood PRO 2000 is definitely an industry-standard, highly flexible cardioid microphone. Cardioid mics get many sound while watching microphone and some through the facets. It’s a smaller amount vunerable to feedback throughout high amount surroundings.

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

It’s an excellent decision for an expert singing performer in any performance environment. It is updated to accentuate the warmth as well as lucidity regarding lead as well as support words. Even just in two extremes, your Kenwood PRO 2000 is actually personalized to a target the principle sound origin while minimizing track record noise. It is also very well liked along with djs and presenters within music equipment plus big and small live sites.

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

Mic Kabel Kenwood PRO 2000

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